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Client Testimonials

"I have been totally satisfied with Darrin on this project. He has been instrumental in making the project a success. I wish I could take Darrin along on all my projects. Darrin knows how to get the job done, and how to get it done on time."
Infrastructure Engineer, National Consulting Group

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Darrin on a project that I had to manage remotely from Austin, Texas. It can be a little bit of a challenge when you can't see the progress of the infrastructure being implemented as well as working with someone whom you've never met or done business with. I was very pleased at how Darrin always kept me informed of daily progress on the project and how professionally he conducted himself. I hope that someday we'll have another project with 3D and I'll have the pleasure of meeting him in person."
Network Engineer, National Manufacturing Company

"What can I say, Darrin and his team from 3D did a great job this weekend. Everything I asked for Darrin did, from the personnel, to being on site Saturday, to all the meetings. Not everyone gets to see the behind effort that went into this job, 20+ hrs of documentation & all the meetings that Scott had to attend with me. 1/3rd of our Data Center was down at some point in this effort (Need I say more). They just see the end result (8 hrs on Saturday) and that's the way it should work. The Guys came in, did the job and got out!!"
Data Center Manager, National Entertainment Corporation

"I wanted to let you know of my observation of Darrin here. His work has been exemplary and his attitude is always positive. He has always done more than expected and has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource to us."
Senior Operations Engineer, National Health Care Organization

"Thanks Darrin! Your crew did a super job despite the shortened time frames. It's great to have such professional work done."
Network & Telephony Lead, National Health Care Organization

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